The Rise of the Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers have transformed the way we listen to music nowadays, no longer are we restricted by wires and plug sockets and using Bluetooth technology we can connect up to any audio device. They are a great way to get rid of the clutter and tangles of wires that we so often have around our home entertainment and multi room setups. Wireless speakers used to have a bit of a bad reputation in the early days due to poor sound quality and interference on the radio frequencies but have come a long way since then and are now able to receive and transmit on as good a level as any wired devices.

The speakers work by transmitting audio signals using radio frequency waves, an RF receiver is connected to the loudspeaker unit which also houses a transmitter unit. The transmitter then connects to the audio output of the selected device and the receiver is positioned in a convenient place for the user to enable them to move around freely. Speakers are powered by either an AC socket or by batteries but due to the fact most batteries will only give power for 3-4 hours many people choose to use rechargeable ones in order to save on the cost of buying them.

Currently, one of the most popular wireless speakers available to buy is the HMDX Jam available at Superfi, its small size but big sound makes it the perfect choice for household use. It is available in 6 different colours or “flavours” and comes packaged in its very own jam jar complete with screw on lid. It can be connected up to such devices as an MP3 player, smartphone, tablet or PC and can also be charged this way using a USB cable. It’s features include an on/off switch and play/pause switch and a built in rechargeable battery which can run for 4 hours wirelessly and up to 12 hours if it uses the wired connection available with its stereo mini jack which is also supplied. It has a 30 foot range so is perfect for use outside in the garden or in other areas around the house and when purchased it comes with a mains adaptor, mini jack and a neoprene carrying pouch to enable you to carry it around with you when you are out and about. Recently HMDX have released the Jam Plus which enables users to pair speakers together for connecting to your device which allows the speakers to be used for surround sound purposes also.

The HMDX is just one of many different brands offering wireless speakers available at Superfi and other similar items for sale. While many of the features are similar there are also differences between them too which offers you more of a range when choosing which would be the best fit for your setup.