iPhone 5s gadgets
iphone 5S gold

You have your new Iphone, great! But then you realise it looks pretty much the same as everyone else’s, don’t panic, you don’t have to worry about losing it at the next social gathering you attend. A spokesperson from helpingu2save.co.uk said: As always with any popular model we can expect a wide variety of ways to personalise your phone, it needs to be an extension of your personality as you always have it with you. You can find infinity ways to do this, as everything from colourful battery charger to lobster cases can be found”. The great thing about these cases is that you can express yourself completely, and can even switch cases easily when the mood strikes, or do go with the occasion better.

There are, of course, options for gadgets besides how it looks. Below is a few of the most popular gadgets based on your interests and lifestyle:

Photographer: For so many people now cameras are becoming more and more obsolete as phone cameras advance in many ways to out-do digital cameras. The convenience has always been the main reason we see more and more phone pictures that traditionally taken ones, however, the technology for phones has advanced to the point where the quality is the same as, and in some cases over-taking, the quality of even DSLR cameras. If you want to capture more than a single moment invest in a video recorder. You can then share to social media or download onto a portable hardrive to keep those memories safe for decades to come. There are also a huge variety of clip on lenses to keep your shots more interesting and even heighten the quality too.

Organiser: From workers to busy parents, so many of us now use our phones as diaries to organise our lives. Using a data sync wire can make all the difference in being able to sync appointments and schedules with the office or family.

 The traveller: If you spend hours a week in the car why not use the chance to charge your phone while it plays you music? Cigarette powered phone chargers are inexpensive and can make all the difference if you’ve been using your phone all day and would love to relax in the car with your favourite tunes.

The best news about the Iphone 5s is that there are many more options still out there, so you can make your phone work best for you, and make it unique at the same time.