Top ways to up your productivity levels at work

Top ways to up your productivity levels at work

Towards the end of the working day, you could be forgiven for feeling a little lethargic. Having put the pedal to the metal in the morning, it might be reasonable to expect a lull in activity with 5pm in sight, and slowing down can be costly for you, your employers and your job prospects. Being alert and awake for as long as possible is imperative at work, but how is it possible? Some of you might think that a few cups of strong coffee or an energy drink will be enough to keep you working, but that’s not going to do it. To ensure that you’re at your most productive, it takes a number of changes to make it happen. Here are some suggestions to help boost your output and ensure you don’t end with lots more work to do:

Make a to-do list

It might seem like a pointless task if there’s a lot to do, but by turning your tasks into a bulleted list to work through, it can help you to focus on what needs to be done each day or week. Ticking each task off after it’s completed will give you a deserved sense of accomplishment, and will help to boost your organisational skills too.

Drink plenty of water

Another seemingly easy thing to do, there’s more to drinking water than just keeping your throat from being dry. Staying hydrated can help aid the thought process, meaning that you’re able to make better decisions in meetings. Drinking water at regular intervals can also reduce the need to drink several cups of coffee, which might impact on your ability to sleep when you get home.

Get plenty of sleep

While getting to bed early might not appeal, getting at least eight hours’ sleep a night can work wonders for your energy levels during the day. An extra hour or two could be even better, as the chances of you coming into work tired will reduce dramatically. To make this happen, stay away from caffeine and sugar in the evening.

Consider ergonomic seating

It might seem strange, but ergonomic seating can help you to feel more comfortable while you work. An ill-fitting chair can make it hard for you to get into your stride while working. To show how an ergonomic seat actually works, chair office created this video which shows that sitting upright can make doing your job a little easier on your body.