Early this morning we stumbled across something quite amazing while walking through Hackney Marshes in London and we have the unbelievable footage to show you that you simply won't believe. This mysterious and creepy circle of black ball shaped objects, almost looks like a crop circle, it just appeared out of nowhere and has left us, the media and everyone else baffled.

As we approached the object it was like nothing we've ever seen before. One giant ball sits in the middle that appears to have crash landed much like an asteroid or meteorite with a massive dirt trail leading up to it. Medium and smaller balls are scattered around it like debris. The objects also appear to have some sort of unknown symbol on them, it also doesn't appear to be a character from any human language. The placement of the circle seems to have formed into the unrecognisablesymbol.

Could it be from another planet? What could they be? Are they safe or dangerous? Who put them there and why? The only information we currently have is the hashtag #WINNERTAKESEARTH which appeared on the tape surrounding the circle. We need to know if other events are happening like this around the world that could maybe explain what is going on. Have you spotted anything like this? I attempted to capture as much as I could before being warned off by the guards blocking off the scene for investigation. If anyone is as curious as we are and wants to help solve the mystery head down to Hackney Marshes, London.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think it could be in the comments.

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