How to unlock the Nexus 5 bootloader
nexus 5

Just got your brand new Nexus 5? Well most will be happy with the pure Google experience but some may want to unlock the boot loader, and here we'll tell you just how to do that. As it's a Nexus device things are much easier, you won't break your warranty and you won't have to go through some annoying security. All you need is the SDK and the ability to use command line. Remember though that this will erase everything on your phone so be sure to backup. Also remember this does make your phone more vulnerable to hacks so please don't say we did't warn you.

1) Turn USB debugging on your Nexus

  • Go to “Settings
  • Now scroll to the bottom and tap “About phone”
  • At the “About” screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on “Build number” seven times.

2) Download the SDK and plug your device into a computer

3) Type the following commands in the command line

  • adb reboot-bootloader
  • fastboot oem unlock

4) Follow the instructions on your Nexus 5.

5) Have fun.