Pebble gets full iOS 7 notification support & SDK 2.0

Your Pebble is about to get a whole lot more useful. Pebble has announced today that the latest software for Pebble will work with Notification Center, which means you'll receive all notifications you've enabled for apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or whatever else you use. Pebble says the update for the iOS app will enable this functionality and is currently under review by Apple.

pebble ios notifications

Pebble has also announce SDK 2.0 which will make it much easier for developers to build Pebble apps as it opens four new APIs: Javasciprt, Data Logging, paersistent storage and acclerometer. According to the company this will allow developers to make apps that interface directly with the web such as transit information, weather data, and checkins, access the accelerometer for things such as health apps, log data when not connected to a phone, and store information on the watch such as settings and game scores. You can find out more about Pebble SDK 2.0 on the Pebble developer blog.