Sponsored Video: Why you should try out HERE Maps

Sponsored Video: Why you should try out HERE Maps
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HERE Maps, formerly NAVTEQ and Nokia Location & Commerce, have been creating the best maps for 30 years according to Nokia. HERE Maps has a variety of customers including companies like Yahoo, Garmin, and car makers such as Toyota and BMW. HERE Maps are also found on mobile devices such as Nokia's Lumia range of smartphones.

So how has HERE become so trusted? 

HERE Maps is in 4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems across Europe and North America which means confidence and quality is key. HERE captures billions of GPS data points from smartphones, sat navs, and many other sources in complete real time. This means HERE can develop unique views of cities and countries all across the globe to create better traffic navigation.

HERE also has over 6,000 people in more than 56 countries who are helping create the best data for every country in the world. They make an amazing 2.7 million changes to them each day to make sure they are accurate.

Other great features in HERE Maps include public transit in 740 cities in 52 countries, live traffic in 34 counties, as well indoor navigation for over 50,000 buildings in the world, a super handy feature if you're on a trip. It also supports 50 languages.

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HERE Maps can be downloaded onto many modern smartphones including Nokia Lumia, Nokia Belle, Nokia Asha , Nokia N9, Windows Phone 8 devices, and Apple iPhone and iPad.

HERE also others City Lens which allows you to see and discover new places around you using HERE maps technology. You can find the best stores, restaurants, attractions and more. The app is available for many Nokia Luima devices.

Find out more about HERE maps on the website and Twitter account.

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