What modern laptops can do for you

Laptops used to be pretty large and while they could be carried around they did become a pain. These days laptops are smaller, sleeker and lighter. Some of the most popular are Sony's VAIO laptops which offer something for everyone. You can use them for studying for exams, for some serious work or even just for fun such as playing games or watching a movie.

Sony's new range of VAIO Laptops look great thanks to sleek and modern design and boast features and specificiations to suit both your needs and budget. Most of the new range feature LED display technology which allows for slimmer displays, better viewing and improved battery life.


One VAIO that is worth a look at is the VAIO Pro which an Ultrabook so its super thin yet still powerful. All VAIO pro models feature a Full HD touch display (1920 x 1080 pixels), a backlit keyboard, an NFC enabled Touchpad, an Intel Core i7 processor and Windows 8.

Another interesting laptop is Sony's VAIO Tap 11 which is the world's thinnest Windows 8 tablet PC. It can be used as a normal laptop or taken off of its wireless keyboard and touchpad to be used as a tablet. It features full Windows 8 OS, an 11.6-inch display and a Active Pen stylus which can be used for note taking, editing and more using the VAIO Inspiration Suite which you can see details of in the below graphic.


How to use VAIO Inspiration Suite - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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