Tech firms lead the way on road to recovery

Still battered and bruised by a downturn which first began in 2007, the UK’s economy now appears to be out of the woods, even though a few problems still pervade in the form of high unemployment and slow wage growth. Nevertheless, the technology sector seems to be one of the main engines behind the economy’s move out of negative territory.

There are various different strands within the sector which are proving to be pretty handy for generating rapid growth. This list of the 50 fastest growing companies in the UK reveals that among the best performers are those specialising in green technology, online security and advertising. All three are likely to be essential long-term, hence many of those offering these services are on the up.

Safety first online

Online security is a significant growth area, as reflected in the growth posted in the past year by RandomStorm. They have recognised that there is a lot of anxiety when it comes to people keeping their data, important files and even their whole devices immune from the threats posed by malware and hackers intent of getting all they can.

The internet has also provided online advertising agencies with a major income stream. Infectious Media, who saw revenue grow ninety-seven-fold, have recognised that there is a big market for helping businesses advertise their wares online. Given that more and more of us get our news, go shopping or communicate via the web, advertising there makes perfect sense.

Making a meal of it

JUST EAT has used technology for a very different reason – to make ordering from takeaway menus online a breeze. Having seen a huge increase in the number of users of their website and apps, they have seen revenue made via technological innovations grow almost tenfold, thanks in no small part to aggressive advertising across the media.