Google Glass gets updated to XE 12, includes wink to snap picture and more

Google Glass gets updated to XE 12, includes wink to snap picture and more
glass XE 12 update

It’s always a good day when software gets updated. At least, this is the case if you happen to be as nerdy as I am. Today Google not only released an MyGlass app for iPhone that has since been pulled, but they have also released  XE 12 to current Glass devices. Google says that the iOS MyGlass app should be back in the store later this week. With XE 12 Google fixes two of my personal complaints about the device, which is Hangouts support, and YouTube Glassware. With Hangouts, users can now send chats in addition to the video calls and sms messages that were previously supported. With the YouTube app, Glass users now have a simple and elegant way to quickly upload videos taken on Glass to Youtube.

When I picked up Glass last Tuesday, my Glass Guide told me XE 12 was going to be huge and he was correct. In addition to Hangouts and YouTube Glassware, Google added a new way to take a picture. If an Explorer feels that “Ok Glass, take a picture” or the shutter button are much too strenuous, they can now simply wake glass with a nod, and wink to snap a picture. Google also rolled out some improvements to Google Play Music for Glass. All Access members can now have access to radio stations and all users can enjoy the ability to now browse their playlists.

Google has tightened up security a bit by removing guess mode and by adding a pattern unlock. Users will now be able to configure a lock pattern to tighten up security when they take Glass off their faces, assuming the Explorer in question has head detection on. The lock pattern will also appear when Glass is powered on, if enabled.

XE 12 also allows Explorers to ask the caloric count of various foods. Google has always been a fan of Easter eggs, so if you ask “How far to Brooklyn” Glass will respond with “No sleep til Brooklyn” which makes me realize that I am not alone in loving some Beastie.

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