5 tech products that help increase your endurance

5 tech products that help increase your endurance
5 tech prducts

Physical training is quite difficult on its own. For many athletes and fitness buffs, it's common to utilize the latest technology to assist in training. The following are five tools that can aid in developing strength and endurance.

5. iJoy Ride Exercise Balance Trainer
The balance trainer is engineered to strengthen the core by challenging the ability to balance. The machines use three axes to produce a motion that targets three separate muscle groups. The exercise balancer features variable speeds for skill development or rehabilitation.

The machine can also be programmed to run automatically that creates a combination of the four available speeds. The balance training is a great way to keep muscles working in preparation of strenuous exercise in the future.

4. Portable Exercise Bike
The Portable Exercise Bike from Sharper Image is perfect for limited time or space. It is used like an upright miniature spinning bike. The portable exercise bike features five workout modes with variable speed, exercise time, distance and calories burned.

It also features simulated terrain in the form of mountains, ramps and valleys. The machine comes with a handheld controller that displays workout results on its own LCD screen. Workouts can be customized or chosen from the automatic options. When done, the machine powers off on its own for safety purposes.

3. Bluetooth Fitness Monitor
The Bluetooth Fitness Monitor, also from Sharper Image, sends fitness results to a mobile device from over 30 feet away. It is a lightweight and wireless way to keep up with exercise results as they happen. The device is able to control music while simultaneously monitoring heart rate and total calories burned.

It works with iPads, iPhones, tablets and Android devices. The battery lasts up to six hours and can be recharged with a USB cable. While working out, the monitor can also provide real-time audio feedback to keep up with progress.

2. Fitbug/Fitbit
When walking, jogging or hiking, the Fitbug Orb tracks steps, calories burned, speed patterns, sleep patterns and how much of an activity is actually aerobic exercise. With its smart phone app, users may receive feedback via Kik. Kik works as a digital coaching service available online. The smart pedometer aids in fitness training and endurance goal-setting. Its battery lasts up to six months at a time.

The more advanced Fitbit Force tracks moderate to intense cardio, doubles as a watch and follows progress throughout the day. The Force model also syncs wirelessly to mobile devices and can be used with a variety of fitness apps.

1.Electrical Muscle Stimulators
Electrical muscle stimulation replicates the body's voluntary muscle contractions. With an electrical impulse applied to a motor nerve, deeper and more complete contractions are created in comparison to those observed in standard muscle activity or training. The muscle, however cannot distinguish a natural or induced contraction.

This results in a more efficient workout without as much risk for joint injury, fatigue or tendon damage. Other benefits of this method include improved endurance, speed, strength and recovery. Electrical muscle stimulation is also helpful for preparing muscles before a workout. Muscles that are triggered before exercise are less likely to sustain injury and more likely to recover from strenuous exertion.

Using the right tool can aid in fitness development immensely. Stick to a device until endurance, stamina and form are improved.