Five tips to kick butt marketing on Facebook in 2014
facebook marketing

In this contemporary era, more and more businesses have begun using social media to advertise the goods and services they offer. And while many found themselves attaining the type of success they wanted in 2013, it's quite likely that business owners can achieve even more success in 2014 by implementing the right marketing strategies. If you're interested in ensuring that the online presence of your business keeps expanding so your conversion rates increase, the following strategies can be of great use to you:

1. Create Great Content.

Although the old saying that "Content is King" may sound trite, it is quite true. Content should always be a key aspect of your internet marketing campaign because it is one of the key elements that your audience skims through before determining whether to stay on your Facebook page and/or make a purchase. There are a variety of ways to make your content great. Some of the more obvious suggestions are to avoid poor sentence structure and ensure that you have no misspellings. Additionally, however, you should be sure to shape the language of your content to the demographic you're targeting. For example, if you're trying to sell t-shirts to teenagers, taking the time to understand and incorporate their unique lexicon into your content could be immensely beneficial.

2. Make Your Look Matter.

Although Facebook is a great medium through which to advertise your goods and services, it is still the case that this social media channel offers a somewhat limited variety of graphics and page layouts. Nevertheless, giving your Facebook look a unique edge by adding aesthetic appeal or unusual colors is still important because it can catch and keep the attention of your audience. Since this is the case, there are a variety of design strategies you should employ. One strategy you should consider using is to incorporate a variety of attractive photos into your feed so that your customers have visual representations of what your brand is all about. To attain relevant, brand-building photos, try snapping shots of promotional products or your office.

3. Figure Out What Your Competition Is Doing.

Oftentimes, business owners are encouraged to implement unique marketing strategies that cause the brand to stand out against the competitors. While being innovative and original is generally a good thing, copying your competitors can be even greater. Why? Because when your competitors begin implementing a marketing plan that works, you can also experience similar success by duplicating their strategy. This can save time and money given that you won't have to invest time and resources in coming up with something new. So if you note that your biggest competitor is having great success on Facebook by getting customers to provide them with referrals, you would probably benefit from doing the same.

4. Connect Facebook Marketing With E-mail Marketing.

In discussing effective marketing strategies that business owners can employ while on Facebook, social media marketing expert Andrea Vahl notes that using Facebook to get the e-mail addresses of prospective clients is a great technique to use. According to Vahl, e-mail is a business owner's best opportunity to be seen online. She goes on to point out that a major retailer she visited offered $10 off coupons for each e-mail they received from customers who were checking out. Clearly, the company recognized the value of getting customer e-mail addresses. In order to get them for yourself, use Facebook to advertise free webinars or teleclasses so that you can get people on your e-mail list.

5. Remember To Socialize.

Unfortunately, business owners often take the concept of professionalism a bit too far. This can have a devastating effect on social media venues such as Facebook because the key word to success is social.

This means that you will periodically need to go beyond merely discussing the great value of your goods and services to increase sales and gain lifelong followers. In addition to this very necessary form of marketing, try having conversations about things as simple as your latest vacation or your favorite latte from Starbucks. Once you begin building rapport with prospective clients this way, you open the door to building a relationship. And, as many social media marketing experts know, building relationships is one of the most effective advertising mechanisms available.


Although you may have had success with your Facebook marketing campaign in 2013, you should get busy strategizing now such that your efforts in 2014 garner even more success. By implementing the strategies listed above, you will likely experience the type of continual growth and expansion your business wants. Good luck!