Five video game companies that do social media right
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In today’s world of social media, companies are working to become more and more unique when it comes to connecting with followers and fans. One area this is obviously prevalent in is the gaming industry. The gaming world knows that the market they attract to is likely to be quite technological savvy and use social media when it comes to connecting with friends and other gamers. Therefore, a strong social media presence can keep them in the conversation and keep their gaming products at the forefront of customer’s minds. Here are five video game companies that are doing social media right and using it to their advantage. 

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts, or better known as EA, is the creator of some of the most popular games in the world including The Sims, Medal of Honor, Need For Speed and an entire line of EA Sports games. All of these games highlight the fact that you can play online with your friends and connect your social media profile to your gaming profile. This allows for you to brag about your accomplishment when you score a touchdown on a friend or beat them in a race, but it also makes EA more recognizable when your friends see that post on your newsfeed. Furthermore, EA has plenty of giveaways and promotions on its own pages, which encourages friends to follow, share and like their social media profiles.

Zynga made its name as a gaming platform with the help of using social media to become even more popular. Games like Words With Friends, Zynga Poker, Hidden Shadows and more, all allow you to interact with your friends through your desktop or mobile device. As for their social media profile, Zynga is always updating it with new games that they are releasing, giveaways that they are having and top players for their games.

Mad Catz
Speaking of top players, Mad Catz does social media right in their way of highlighting some of the best professional gamers in the world. Mad Catz works diligently to present highlights and profiles of professional players and teams. This not only increases Mad Catz reputation in the gaming industry, but it also helps gamers and gaming become more well-known on a world-wide level. Plus, people love following Mad Catz to get information that’ll lead them into their own life as a professional gamer.

Rockstar is most well known for their Grand Theft Auto gaming series. And with the latest release of GTA V, Rockstar really used their social media accounts to promote the game. You can find plenty of inside information, get free gear like money and clothes for your GTA profile, and also connect with other players through the Rockstar social media pages. It is a great place for gamers to come together and then meet up online to wreak havoc on San Andreas or other online worlds.

Next Gen consoles are some of the most popular electronic devices out, so therefore they don’t need much in terms of marketing through social media. However, PlayStation still does an excellent job of promoting and running its own social media pages. Followers can find information about new games being released that are exclusive to the console, special contests being run and so much more.

If you can’t get enough of video games and video game information, be sure that you follow your favorite companies on social media. It will allow you to get a more in depth look into certain companies and how they are changing the gaming world.