The adaptation of businesses to include social media

The adaptation of businesses to include social media
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As time goes by, more businesses are finding out that developing their own applications, joining Facebook and Twitter, using Linked-In are just a handful of ways to improve their prominence in the social media world, enabling them to reach more of their customers in a much more customer-friendly way than the old-fashioned phone-lines or store queuing.


Let us take banking first as an example. Barclays Bank have a ‘Ping-it’ app, which enables their customers to make payments, find their nearest ATM’s and to check their bank balance. Money can also be transferred with only the recipients ‘phone number needed. This app is activated by a five digit PIN number and takes all the hassle out of waiting in a queue on the phone or catching the bank during opening hours, most of which are while the average working person is still, at work! At the moment, this app is only available on iPhone, however they do offer a money service classed as ‘no frills’ via ‘phone.


Travel companies are also doing well with their apps., are all companies with easy to use apps that reach more customers, that are spread via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, thus increasing their advertising as well as making life so much easier for those who use their apps. Oh and if you want to compare the price of flights to any given destination, companies such as Skyscanner will help their customers to find the best deal, online, from your Smartphone.

Online Gaming

Gaming industries are also keeping to the forefront of technology, by releasing apps for Smartphones and Tablets, so people can play their games on the go. Fun games such as

Scrabble, Candy Crush saga and Bejewelled Blitz are easy to access on a mobile device without losing any of their game-play. In fact, the games just listed are also available to play on Facebook, yet another way for an app to go viral and to gain plenty of exposure to gain more customers.

Casino and Online Betting

Online mobile apps for Casino type gaming companies such as Pokerstars, Royal Vegas Online Roulette and Mecca Bingo, all offer applications where there are practically no differences to whether you play online on a PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop.

Further companies additions to create mobile apps are gambling companies such as William Hill and Betfair These offer the chance to bet on the sport of your choice, find results, plus up to date odds, all while on the move. Some betting companies like an account to be opened online via PC or Laptop i.e. on their main site before downloading their app.

It would not make sense for ANY business to not utilise Smartphone technology in this era and for those who don’t know how, perhaps there is ‘an app for that’.