This is the Pebble Steel smartwatch, merges classic watch design with tech
pebble steel

Today at CES 2014 Pebble is set to announce the Pebble Steel, it's new smartwatch that merge classic watch design with technology. The Pebble Steel is of course made of steel and will come in two different colours and ship with two straps. It's also fitted with Corning Gorilla Glass. pebble steel 23232

The Pebble Steel is mostly an aesthetic change so you won't see anything on the software side that you won't be able to get on the original Pebble. Thanks to this though you'll still get the same great battery life that has been a major advantage for the Pebble over other smartwatches. Plus all apps work across both Pebble smartwatches.

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The Pebble Steel isn't a replacement for the original Pebble, it's another model in what clearly will be a range. The Pebble Steel is the premium version of Pebble and it includes an RGB LED on the front which it uses to display charging status. That's not all though, the LED will be accessible to developers so we could see some interesting use cases.

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The Pebble Steel is available to pre-order now and will start shipping on January 28th for $249, the original Pebble will remain at $149

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