The Holidays, #ThroughGlass
google glass

Some people see the holidays as something they have to ‘get through’,  I’m the opposite. I embrace and enjoy every second I can. When I picked up my Glass two weeks before Christmas, I knew immediately that it was going to have a huge impact on how we celebrated. The hardest part of Christmas for me is making it all come together. This starts with the shopping as it is usually the hardest. Locating what people want, see which store or online retailer has the better price, or if there is some deal to be had. Usually shopping would involve me on my smartphone or tablet for a few hours deciding where I wanted to go, then using Maps to get there. This year I still had to use my smartphone to find the items, see if they were on sale, and whether or not there was a deal to be had. However, thanks to Glass, getting to these various places was much safer.

Christmas shopping this year had me driving to a few places I’ve never been. It was nice to be able to look up, and ask Glass for directions. I didn’t have to hold my smartphone while driving, or rely on my dash mount that works half of the time. Glass would announce my next move and display a map briefly, then fade out once I had completed the turn. Navigating with Glass is also safer due to the focus and priority it places on navigation. While navigating, Glass doesn’t display my other notifications. It will give me a friendly chime when one comes in, but it no longer shows them on the display. Glass lets me focus on driving by providing me information when I need it, and then kindly gets out of the way.

Once I was at these various stores I couldn’t help but notice a feature that glass is missing, Google Goggles. Goggles allows you to use your device’s camera to take a picture of an item or barcode, and then it will find better prices at nearby stores. I use Goggles fairly often and it has saved me quite a bit of money. Although Glass couldn’t help me shop, it was very useful for texting and calling family members. The thing I love most about Glass is how I don’t have to constantly pull my phone out of my pocket. I can look up, do what i need to do and I’m done.

Christmas Day through Glass was almost magical. I still used my phone to capture staged moments, but I mostly relied on Glass. Glass is great for capturing real moments. Ones that aren’t staged or cobbled together. Glass is great capturing quick pictures that usually look pretty great. I used Glass to take the majority of my Christmas photos this year and thanks to auto upload to my Google+ account, the pictures were very easy to share with friends and family. The only downside was that my Glass was dead in a little over an hour.

New Year’s through Glass was interesting. Instead of going out like most do,  I stayed home with my husband and we watched movies and drank. I didn’t actually use Glass much during New Year’s. I mostly used Glass to answer questions once I was good and smashed from all the champaign. It was fun, but not useful. I don’t usually take pictures on New Year’s as most of my photos turn out blurry and unrecognizable. This year was no different. I woke up the following morning when I went through my auto uploads there were tons of blurry, useless pictures. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go down some Advil and sleep off my hangover.