Could technology be the answer to the e-cig’s misunderstood image?

Could technology be the answer to the e-cig’s misunderstood image?
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Most people will remember the first time they saw an electronic cigarette. They will have reacted in one of three ways; not really been interested, been somewhat intrigued or thought that the person was using a tobacco cigarette. The third response is a problem, but can technology help with the image issue?

Chinese inventor Hon Lik created the devices in 2003 when his Father died of lung cancer. A 40 a day smoker himself, he wanted something that would look and feel like a cigarette but be a healthier alternative. He succeeded. E-cigarettes don’t contain tar or the 4,000 chemicals a tobacco cigarette has and produces vapour instead of smoke. However, there’s been a lot of criticism around them and even bans.

Recently, The Golden Globes were criticised as Leonardo DiCaprio was seen using an e-cig during the ceremony, which has sparked outrage from people who claim that it could glamourise smoking tobacco. But what if he’d been vaping using something that looks a bit more technological, that in no way resembled a tobacco cigarette?

Tank style e-cigarettes such as the Feshcig eVolve Express don’t look look like tobacco cigarettes at all. They have a large 650 mAh battery which lasts up to 48 hours between charging and feature a cartomiser which can be filled with e-liquid.

Ben Wilson, Freshcig Managing Director, said;

Tank style e-cigs such as the eVolve are becoming more and more common with tobacco cigarette style devices becoming less popular. The market is changing and we have seen a shift in consumer trends with most of our customers switching to a larger device.

In the long term, consumers switching to larger devices might help to alter the perception of electronic cigarettes, Ben added;

A lot of people believe that e-cigarettes could glamorise smoking tobacco again, even though there’s no solid evidence. However, larger devices may help the industry to be seen as an alternative that won’t be classed in the same vain.

Another type of electronic cigarette is available too; the ‘mod’ variety. These are generally larger than their counterparts and can be customised by adding specially designed refillable e-liquid cartomisers. One thing that makes these models stand out from the rest is the technology within them. The majority include a voltage output setting; the lower the output, the lower the vapour production and the higher it is, the more vapour is produced. This is designed to allow the user to alter their intake to suit what they feel they require at that time.

However, regardless of how the devices appear, many states across the pond have banned people from vaping in public places including Utah, North Dakota and New Jersey. County’s including New York and Chicago have also implemented a ban with Los Angles set to vote on potential restrictions on the 20th January 2014.

Technology and the shifting consumer trends towards the devices could be the answer to the e-cigs misunderstood image but it could come too late to prevent further public vaping bans… and further criticism for Mr DiCaprio.

Do you think they encourage people to take up smoking tobacco? Or think that celebrities shouldn’t be seen using them? Let us know what you think in the comments below.