The ever evolving game industry

The ever evolving game industry
evolving game industry

Recently all we’ve been talking about is the future of gaming. The release of both the X-Box One and PlayStation 4 has got gamers dreaming of what might be available in the future. We all know how far gaming has come and these new kids on the block are a testament to the ever-evolving video game industry. So, with everyone looking ahead we think it’s time we paused for a second and just remember how far gaming has come. Everyone has nostalgic memories of their first games, whether your console life started in the ‘80’s with an Atari 2600, or the ‘90’s with a Sega Genesis or PlayStation.

So how much do you know about gaming history?

Below you can look back on the most successful games of the last 30 years. Who knows maybe reminiscing about characters such as Mario, Link and Donkey Kong will fuel your imagination on what to expect in the future.

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