Six benefits for businesses that go green

Six benefits for businesses that go green
Six Benefits for Businesses That Go Green

More and more businesses are looking for green solutions that are socially responsible while also improving growth and profit. Sustainable business models tend to be more efficient and productive and they leave a smaller carbon foot-print on the planet. Going green is an opportunity to utilize cost savings measures such as using reusable packaging equipment, wood shipping crates and other industrial grade shipping and storage gear. There are many reasons why green business practices are the way to go, but below are six reasons why "green" is the way of the future.

Going Green Saves Money

Going green will actually save your business money. Swapping out incandescent light bulbs for fluorescent or LED lighting can decreases carbon footprints, as well as cut energy bills significantly. Recycling reduces unnecessary waste, which can increase cost. Printing less and refilling ink cartridges are also other simple investments a company can make in going green.

It’s Good Marketing

Consumers want to support businesses that are doing good things for the planet. Many industries are responding to the environmental concerns of the consumer by implementing marketing technique like labeling and signage that designates their products or business as eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable or organic.

Tax Credit Galore

Tax credits can give a business significant savings by reducing the amount of taxes that you have to pay. These tax incentives can be seen at the state and local levels. So, a green business model benefits from incorporating renewable sources of energy for heating, cooling and lighting. There are tax breaks for using electric vehicles and for companies that use a commuter program for employees to get to and from work. Check for more at state and government levels.

Consumers Are Demanding It

Green initiatives are popping up everywhere and people are paying attention. According to a study by The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, it found that 50% of global consumers surveyed said they are willing to pay more for goods and services from socially responsible businesses. Even companies like Walmart, H&M and Nike have all joined the green initiative revolution.

Creates Happy Employees

A UCLA led study by Institute of the Environment and Sustainability found that companies, which adopt green practices, have employees that are 16% more productive. Going green creates happy employees and attracts talent. The use of green cleaning products and chemicals used in production makes for a safer work environment, which employees appreciate.

Preserves the Planet

We all want to live on a healthy planet and preserve it for future generations to come. So, becoming more green makes for less waste, pollution and preserves the beauty of the earth. And going green really is as simple as recycling the paper and plastic your business uses, turning off a light or incorporating automatic timers that cut devices off when not in use.

Going green can position a business as a leader in environmental responsibility and innovation. We live in a society where the consumer has become more mindful about pollution, waste and unsustainable manufacturing methods damaging the planet. They are challenging businesses to recreate themselves. Remember, going green isn’t the latest trend but has become necessary in order to preserve our beautiful planet. Adhering to a plan of sustainability is the way of the future because it increases growth, productivity and profits. And most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.