How big can a computer virus become?
The top 5 computer viruses of all time

Ever since the internet first sprang up two decades ago, some people have sought to get all that they can from it. Some businesspeople have used the web to try and build their business, while others have had more malicious deeds in mind, namely cybercriminals. By spreading viruses and other malware types, they have caused distress to millions of web users worldwide. At their worst, viruses can infect multiple machines in a short space of time, causing damage amounting to millions, if not billions of dollars. The five biggest viruses of all time have done just that, with the biggest of all costing in the region of $40bn to fix. If not spotted early on, a particularly nasty computer virus could grow uncontrollably, helping cybercriminals to prosper.

Guarding against infection

Trying to keep on top of security is essential for stopping viruses, or indeed any other forms of malware in their tracks. This means steering clear of dodgy-looking websites and pop-up adverts, deleting spam emails and doing regular checks for malware. This will help no end in keeping computers clean and safe, giving cybercriminals more to think about when planning their next move.


Five Most Catastrophic Viruses of All Time Infographic