Quitters’ plans set to go up in smoke

Quitters’ plans set to go up in smoke
e-cig ban

In recent months, there have been plenty of discussions being held in the corridors of power in Europe over whether electronic cigarettes should be banned. For many people looking to give up smoking, they are a handy tool in helping to reduce dependency on nicotine, but what would a blanket ban across the European Union actually mean? There are well over one million people in the UK alone using them, which shows that they have become very popular among people craving a smoke without having to buy an ordinary pack of cigs. Interestingly, more than six out of 10 people would return to ordinary cigarettes should a ban be put in place!

All the stats on display in this infographic show how big a total ban on electronic cigarettes could be. Should MEPs and other powerbrokers think again, there is every chance that people looking to quit will do so entirely in greater numbers.


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