How technology can bridge the gap between offline & social

How technology can bridge the gap between offline & social
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Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and now it’s ready to allow you to bridge the gap between offline and social.  Your social media presence is an extension of your business, but until recently it has been seen as a disconnected medium.  Now, you can connect social to your offline presence and start to really see it’s true value. Below, we’ve created a list of products, tools & technologies that can truly benefit your business by linking your social media to the offline world and your other marketing efforts.

Traditional Marketing Collatoral

People talk down traditional marketing materials in the digital age.  But, promotional branded pens, USB’s, stress balls and the like still have a role to play.  For instance, consider creating a custom lanyard with USB, such as these from Lanyard Makers. Load the USB up with a special offer that can be redeemed through your social media channels, and promote the offer on your custom lanyard. This will allow you to track how many people have come to your social media direct from your offline marketing efforts – particularly at events.

Wifi & Check Ins

Take advantage of wifi and leverage it to connect your offline presence and your social media audience.  If you have a physical business presence then make use of wifi connectivity services like Wireless Social to offer your customers free wifi, but require them to sign in with their social account or check in via social to get access.

This gives you an additional business benefit, as you will gain extra social check ins and engagement from customers who are physically on-site with you.  This allows you to grow your social audiences, and improve a customer’s experience of your business.

Physical Like Counters

Fliike create physical like counters, designed for small businesses to showcase their social media audiences. At present, you can’t get Fliike in the UK, but there is a waiting list that you can join on their site.

Fliike ticks over with every new like you get, allowing you to keep a track of your social media presence in the offline world.  This is a great new technology that allows you to showcase your businesses social media presence in your store – this will encourage new likes, and generate a lot of interest as it’s so different.


In summary you need to leverage the technology that is available to bridge the gap between offline and social.  Social can no longer be seen as a marketing channel that stands alone – it impacts on every part of your business, and therefore connecting it to your offline presence is critical for future success.