Flappy Bird may be coming back to the App Store
flappy bird

Maker of Flappy Bird, Doug Nguyen, took down the game after it became a viral hit on iOS and Android, and now he's considering putting the game up for download again. Talking to Rolling Stone in an interview he said if the game returns it would come with a "Please take a break." warning. So is this simply a change of heart or was this his plan all along? Whatever the truth is he's likely now to make even more money due to the games unavailability for just over a month.

In the interview Nguyen also discusses he previous worries that the game he created became an "addictive product" that was harming people. He told Rolling Stone that he became addicted to Counter-Strike in school and has received messages of similar addiction from players of Flappy Bird. You can read the full interview over at the source link.

Source: Rolling Stone