Why it pays for businesses to keep it social
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The growth of social media over the past decade has been at breakneck speed. Aside from the bigger sites like Facebook and Twitter, other ones such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have also managed to gain a multitude of new users, keen to communicate with their friends and complete strangers in an instant. Aside from that, social media has also given people the chance to share their thoughts, memories and precious moments with the wider world. In response to that, many businesses large and small have taken to Facebook et al with varying degrees of success. If your business hasn’t yet set up a presence on social media, it’s not too late to do so, but the next step is building a following.

A mark of trust

Recently, a survey conducted among online shoppers in the UK found that 23.6% of people would trust a business if they had a significant social following. Some of the biggest names in retail have done this to great effect, but how can your business make it happen? There are several ways in which you can go about it, but the first thing to do is take care with every post.

First, you should try to give the customer/viewer something interesting in order to make them want to follow. It could be a special offer, news of exciting new services or something that’s not completely on-brand such as a meme or a funny picture. Interaction with followers is imperative too, so it might be worth posting something that people will want to respond to.

Listening pays

On social media, it is well worth trying to respond to any feedback from customers, be it positive or negative. In the case of the latter, you should respond as quickly as possible, showing that you’re making a big effort to rectify matters. In doing so, it will make your company seem like one that actually listens to what its customers wants.

Finally, social media should be approached in a considered manner. This means planning every post, every campaign and every single attempt to interact with customers. In the absence of meeting face-to-face, social media is as good as it gets. Working on social could boost your chances of increasing sales and profits.