Full Tilt introduces new Rush Poker app

Full Tilt introduces new Rush Poker app
rush poker

Full Tilt is know for its quality Poker games, and now they're introducing the fastest version yet called 'Rush Poker.' So fast they call it the "ultimate high-speed poker experience." So what makes it so unique? Well Rush Poker has been designed to minimise the wait between hands. When you start playing you'll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents on every single hand you play. When you fold, you'll be rushed to a new table for the next hand immediately. Sounds fun right?

You have the option to play regular Rush Poker, a Rush Poker tournament which features several modes such as freeze-out, rebuy, turbo and Knockout tournaments, and the last option called Adrenaline Rush Poker. Adrenaline Rush Poker is Rush Poker but even faster, it's always exciting and the action never stops.

To promote the new game, Full Tilt Poker enlitesd some well known people to see which would be able to play the most hands in Rush Poker while being driven round in Lamborghini.

Check out the video above to see who wins between Championship boxer, David Haye, Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador, Sinem Melin, and Full Tilet Poker Tour Ambassador, Ben Jenkins.