The growing connectivity of social media
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Gone are the days where Social Media is seen as a tool of teens. Far more than an outlet for sharing pictures, statuses and arbitrary conversations, for a long while now, Social Media has been promoting business growth and changing the way we perform our daily tasks. Be this as it may, there are still several uses of Social Media which are still relatively under the radar, and yet which show incredible potential. Many people are unaware that Social Media can actually be used to handle your financial matters. No matter where you are in the world, it is now possible to manage quick, easy transactions with your friends and associates using the Facebook platform. A great tool for doing this effectively is Azimo. Need to send money abroad? No problem, as their confidential and secure technology allows you to do just that, through your standard profile.

Certain aspects of life are both inevitable and essential, but they somehow manage to be among the most complicated and confusing. Take house-hunting, for example. At some point in their lives, pretty much everyone will undertake this stressful task, and yet until now, it has been difficult to weigh up the pros and cons of a particular house or neighbourhood. However, in taking initiative to digitise this process through Facebook, RentalRoost has enabled users to precisely analyse data surrounding their search in order to make the best decisions to their own individual needs.

It’s not only personal matters which leave scope for increasing connectivity, many within industries such as recruitment are also finding such platforms invaluable. Many HR professionals and recruiters from agencies alike are taking advantage of specially designed tools like LinkedIn, in order to make better hiring choices. At a glance, someone’s entire skillset becomes visible, as well as any achievements and experiences that may be relevant to a particular employer. Although LinkedIn is definitely the more ‘niche’ tool, others such as Twitter and of course Facebook can also be beneficial. It is not only those making the hiring decisions who benefit from these modern aids, they are also highly utilised by jobseekers themselves, too.

When people think of ‘connectivity’, they often think of socialising – hence the key name ‘Social Media’ - for this now absolutely integral part of our lives. But within that, there is so much more. These uses are just the tip of the iceberg, and it will be fascinating over the coming years to see exactly what the future holds for Social Media – and indeed, the world.