A look at HP Z workstations that push the limits of creation

A look at HP Z workstations that push the limits of creation
HP Z workstation

HP's Z workstations have been designed to meet the demands of professionals who may be working with intricate 3D models, complex datasets, video editing and photography. HP's workstations set the "standard for innovation, performance, and reliability" according to the company, and are used in areas such as media, entertainment, engineering, architecture and even life sciences. HP Z workstations come in all shapes and sizes to fit a users needs; all-in-Ones, desktop workstations, and even laptop workstations such as the HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation which offers a choice of Windows 8 and Windows 7 versions, a choice of processors including the Intel Core i7-4600U with Intel HD Graphics 4400, and a large 16GB of RAM. While the types of devices are for different use cases they all offer the power that professionals require.

The Ultimate CGI showcase powered by HP Z

In this video HP shows off what a HP Z workstation can do within the CG industry and we discover how London's award-winning creative artists and visual effect companies work with the latest HP Z workstations which can easily deal with tons of calculations and complex techniques.

Advanced Video Editing Software on HP Z Workstations

Here HP shows how HP Z workstations can be combined with cutting edge video editing software to create awesome things. Intel Xeon processors HP Z Workstations allow our creatives to work with complex 3D models and datasets much quicker than they usually would.

To find out more about HP Z Workstations head over to the official website right here.

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