The best movie stag parties

It can be at a trip down the local pub or a week in Vegas, stags are a tradition that often feature great stories and moments. But have you ever thought what would happen if the opposite sex were to plan your hen or stag do? Ladbrokes wanted to find out so they did a research and found that 34% of women would describe a stag do as the ‘Last night of freedom’ and for people in the UK the top 3 stag destinations were… Amsterdam, Las Vegas and London. Find out more over on Ladbrokes. Keeping with that theme we've included our favourite outrageous movies that feature stag parties below, which is your favourite?

The Hangover


The guys wake up in a Vegas hotel with a missing tooth, a tiger and baby, and a friend is missing. It has to be the most hilarious and outrageous stags in a movie.

How to Murder Your Wife


Charles wakes up the morning after a stag party and finds himself married to a beautiful woman who pops out of a cake and doesn't speak a work of English. He then decides to make a cartoon of a husband killing a wife, leading his wife to take off and the police to charge him with murder. Entertaining, but not a great stag for Charles!

Bachelor Party


A classic Stag movie featuring a donkey doing drugs, a penthouse full of strippers and unforgettable tennis scene. What's not to like?