Could Google’s latest innovation drive profits upwards?

Could Google’s latest innovation drive profits upwards?
google self-driving car 2014

Now and again, search giant Google tend to bring out a prototype for a product which astounds many of their observers. This time, their latest creation is a self-driving car, which could change the face of motoring if it were ever to go into mass production. The prototype has two seats, no steering wheel and reaches a top speed of 25mph, which might not be much use on a motorway! Earlier this week, Google said that all being well, the car would be built and tested in Detroit, a city synonymous with motoring. Around 200 of the vehicles will be tested and, if it is deemed a success, it would be rolled out worldwide. Google’s determination to crack this market shows that, at least, their sense ambition is still intact.

The wheel deal?


Following its announcement to the business world, shares in Google in the US rose by 2.4% a couple of days ago. This shows that there is some degree of confidence in their ability to make the self-driving car work, although it might be something of a diversion from their core businesses of search and its Android smartphone operating system.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see how the self-driving car actually does. Early videos suggest that it could make driving greener and safer, something which will appeal to a lot of cautious motorists. However, there is a possibility that early models could cost a bomb, which might have a negative impact on sales figures!