Is Google Glass really a distraction while driving?

Is Google Glass really a distraction while driving?
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Google Glass has had some great press and it's been hailed an innovation by some, but not everything has been positive. Many think that Glass will further reduce people's privacy and lower attention when doing important things. On that note, Truck Locator asked 2000 UK drivers about their habits on the road, one of the questions was that if they thought Google Glass 'is a distraction and a hazard and should be banned from wearing while driving.' A surprising 32% of those asked said yes, and while this may seem like a large amount, remember that 72% said no. Londoners are the most supportive of Google Glass, while the majority from Northern Island would campaign for it to be banned while driving.


From our point of view Glass seems to be less distracting than what is currently on offer. Sat Navs require you to look away from the road briefly, while Glass directions would be in your vision already.

Another interesting bit of information from the survey is that 52% of UK people would prefer to drive instead of choosing a more eco-friendly method of transport. East Midlands residents came out on top, with 60% choosing driving. Let us know if you think Glass would be a distraction while driving in the comments.