Testmodo participants share their opinions on smartphones on 4GEE

Testmodo participants share their opinions on smartphones on 4GEE
htc one m8 google play edition

Back in January you may remember a post we did about EE and Gizmodo UK giving readers a chance to test EE's super fast 4GEE service with the latest awesome smartphones. Well three readers did get that chance to be part of the Testmodo challenge and this is how it went.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Craig Russell - Now the Note 3 is a beast of a phone but Craig grew used to its large size in a short time. He says that it changed his perception of what is acceptable to carry in a pocket. Craig thought the device was a thing of beauty. He complements the specs of the device however he feels that the software is overly ambitious and without focus. Features that you likely won't use rather than useful ones.

Baij Patel - This was the first device Baij tested out and he instantly became of the Note 3's S Pen, large screen and excellent battery life. However he wasn't a a fan of the pre-lorded Samsung apps as they were confusing to him. Despite that he would recommend the Galaxy Note 3 over other large-screen devices if you're in the market for one.

Amanda Foley - She loved the Note's great battery life, saying that could get through almost an entire day without charging, and she uses her device a lot so others may get even longer. Not really a surprise considering it's a whopping 3,200,mAh. Amanda found reading on the Note 3's large screen much more enjoyable than any other phone she has owned.

Nokia Lumia 1320

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 19.49.48

Craig Russell - Coming in at 6-inches the Lumia 1320 is huge and Craig says its the only thing it has going for it. On screen quality Craig was left confused as to why a 6-inch screen would be limited to a 720p display, and the fact it only has a 5MP didn't please him either. Craig says if you want Windows Phone there are much better ones out there, even others made by Nokia.

Baij Patel - The second device Baij received. While he appreciated the size of the device he disliked the resolution wasn't the best it could be. He also thought the 5-megapixel camera and 8MB internal storage on the Lumia 1320 showed that it was a cheaper device. Baij did have some positives however, including excellent Nokia apps such as Here mapping, plus fantastic battery life.

Amanda Foley - The Nokia Lumia 1320 impressed Amanda with its video uploading tools saying that Nokia has delivered quite decent solutions. Things such as customising your recording settings, tweaking white balance, focus and quality. Amanda also found it nice to record on a larger screen than her usual iPhone.

HTC One M8

m8 one htc

Craig Russell - Due to design quality of the HTC One m8 this is no doubt a premium phone according to Craig, calling it "sleek and beautiful". He loved the OS out of the box and loved the quality of its 5-inch full HD screen, but he wished it was closer to the Note's 5.7-inch display. Craig also wished the camera had more megapixels.

Baij Patel - This clearly Baij's favourite phone out of the three. He said he had fallen in love with the HTC One M8 and that it oozes quality with its metal build, excellent screen and unique Ultrabixel dual camera with Zoe function. He did want a larger screen and a higher resolution camera though.

Alex Purvey - He found surfing the web amazing on the One M8's bright 5-inch display.



All participants loved EE's superfast 4G service on these smartphones. Craig had never had 4G before and was not convinced he would need it. After using it he found it hard to leave it. He managed to achieve 80Mbps download speeds which he can't even get at home using cables. Baij had not really used 4G either and he found it to be very fast wherever he used it. The fact that he could download a 120MB file in around 40 seconds amazed him as his home internet doesn't come close to that speed. As for Alex, well it made him realise "just how pitiful Three's is in comparison", and while he doesn't pay extra on Three, he's still planning to leave them when his contract is up for the better speeds on EE.

You can find out more about Testmodo and all the participants opinions on these devices right over here.

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