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All of us care about our freedom, it's a basic human right, but many of us forget to think about our digital freedom or what it even is. It's freedom of opinion and information, privacy protection, as well as free and neutral network access. That's why Mikko Hyppönen (computer security expert and columnist) and David Hasselhoff (actor and businessman) have just started a new and awesome crowdsourcing project that concerns digital freedom at re:publica, the conference in Europe that deals with all things Web 2.0 including ideas related to social media, blogs and information. They are asking people to participate in editing the international manifest for digital freedom over here at the public wiki www.f-secure.com/digitalfreedom and you are invited to help out.

The Manifest is a global initiative for digital movement to support your digital freedom and F-Secure wants you and them to fight for it together. The best inputs into the public wiki will be published by F-Secure and sent to the international decision maker, as well as important office holders and influential organisations that could help us maintain our digital freedom and the rights we truly deserve.

Check out the video below featuring David Hasselhoff in which he does a meet and greet with excited fans. Little do they know that they'll get a surprise quest that includes a trip to the Berlin Wall to discuss freedom and what it means to them. Join the movement now, head over to http://www.f-secure.com/digitalfreedom to be part of something important.

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