How technology is innovating our health choices

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to get fit and get into shape, it was probably something you did all by yourself. If you were lucky, you might have had a friend to go jogging with in the park, but more often than not, you’d be out on your own. And even if you did arrange to meet someone, and they didn’t show up? Tough luck - mobiles weren’t really ‘in vogue’ (or in real circulation) back then, so you’d either have to just go home or suck it up and run around alone after all. Thankfully, nowadays, times have changed. We are far more dependent on technology, but that’s really just because there’s so much out there and it really is so helpful to our everyday lives. In the world of fitness, this is no exception, as the whole experience has gotten a whole more social and driven by technological innovation.

Before you even think about joining up to a gym (yet another thing that is thankfully more common in modern society), you have plenty of options available to you to improve your health. Fancy cutting your risk of cancer and giving up smoking? Not a problem. Pop to fruiteCigs and pick up an e-cigarette to wean yourself off in a healthy way. Want to try making your own smoothies? There are literally hundreds of different machines on the market, to create all kinds of healthy smoothies, soups, juicing fads and beyond. Whilst it’s still about being sensible and eating in moderation, it’s now so much easier to make fresh and nutritious stuff at home – and whilst technology for unhealthy foods like microwave meals has of course developed too, the two types are in touch competition with one another so the excuse of ‘ease’ is no longer an option – all thanks to 21st century tech!

When it comes to workouts themselves, apps like My Fitness Pal make it super easy to co-ordinate workouts based around the amount of food you’ve eaten, based on goals calculated and recommended for your body. It even tells you what you’d weigh ‘if every day were like today’ – neat, right? Of course, there’s a social element, too. My Fitness Pal claim that people have more success when they co-ordinate with their own pals – and whether this is true or not, you can see why this is a good theory! With the ability to see what friends are doing, it is suitable motivation to get yourself into gear – nobody wants to be the one who couldn’t take the heat! It’s also a better alternative to spamming your Facebook timeline with another gym update (yes, they get it, you work out…).

There are millions of other apps out there to help with our health, too, from those which help map and sort our sleep patterns, to those which will map how many steps you’ve taken in a day. Indeed, step away from apps, and you’ve got a range of fancy, computerised machines to bring the gym to you, as well as games (like Wii Fit) which all ensure you’re able to shape up with comparatively little effort at all.

These days, there seems to be almost no excuse to not look after ourselves. Yes, modern society comes with arguably too much pressure – but this isn’t about weight loss or ‘lifting’ – it’s about keeping yourself safe and healthy. Remember, the old rules haven’t changed, our bodies are still very much the same. Don’t over rely on it and listen to what your body tells you individually – everything in moderation and all that! But for every argument that ‘life is just too chaotic these days’ there’s another one out there to counteract it. Life is busier, that’s true. But technology has made battling against that so much simpler.