Google Glass banned in UK cinemas
google glass banned cinema

Google Glass may have only just launched in the UK last week but it's already facing some backlash. The Cinema Exhibitors Association which is responsible for about 90 percent of the cinemas in the UK has said that it will ask customers not to wear the device at all in auditoriums. This is due to concerns that people will easily be able to illegally record movies. Executive of the CEA Phil Clapp said,

"We recommend any cinema concerned about Glass to treat the device as they treat similar devices like mobile phones: simply ask wearers to turn it off before the film starts. Movie theft is something we take very seriously, and our theatre managers contact the Motion Picture Association of America any time it's suspected that someone may be illegal recording content on screen."

This news comes after a similar move by an independent cinema operator in the US due to an incident in Ohio where a man was interrogated by US Homeland Security after wearing the headset into a film. It turned out his Glass was turned off at the time and he was using prescription lenses.