How small businesses achieve Hyper Growth

How small businesses achieve Hyper Growth
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GrowthAccelerator is a government-backed company which advisers business on how to grow. The company has recently identified a set of rapidly expanding small and medium enterprises, dubbed 'Hyper Growth' businesses in a unique study which has also revealed the secrets to such phenomenal growth. These businesses have had exceptional growth over the past year by capitalising on the recovering economy. These Hyper Growth businesses have achieved 20 percent growth in just one year, a rise which would take around three years for what a high growth business.

This growth is thanks to them being clients of GrowthAccelerator. 65%+ increase in Gross Value Added (GVA) and / or employment growth in year one of GrowthAccelerator (FY12/3). The businesses also achieved GVA growth of >£500,000 or employment growth of >10 people.

Together these businesses generated £41.9 million in GVA and created 571 jobs. The in-depth research among these companies which included psychological profiling of their leaders was released today. The findings are interpreted by a panel of leading business growth experts from various industries and academia.

The Hyper Growth Insights Study

Director of Operations at GrowthAccelerator Stephen Peacock said,

“This study seeks to shed light on the attitude and approach of a select group of leaders from exceptionally high performing businesses."

“By looking at the nature, characteristics and approach of the leaders behind these businesses, we believe this report makes a valuable contribution to the high growth debate, raising implications for policy and action to stimulate and support future business growth.”

You can view the findings of the study and find out more over at GrowthAccelerator.