Start-Up? Start thinking outside the box

Start-Up? Start thinking outside the box

Start-Up? Start Thinking Outside The Box If you’re running a start-up, you’ll be contending with hundreds more out there. Perhaps not in your niche, per se, but there’ll be plenty of businesses starting out, and it’s natural to want to be far more successful. Somehow, you’ve got to lead the way. But how?

Treat Staff With Respect

The staff you hire to begin with are going to be the backbone of your company – so choose wisely! The first hires you’re able to make will be a big deal, as it shows your business is growing, which can only be a good thing! You’ll want people you can trust, because they’re in it pretty much from day one, too, so they’ll play a big part in building your empire! To ensure you’re on the same page, and also so they know they’re valued, you can plan fun team building activities! A day in the capital is a no brainer no matter where you’re based, as there’s simply so much to do! A spot of lunch, a thrilling walking tour (such as the Jack The Ripper tour) and a bit of a brain-teasing escape game like the brilliant Hint Hunt, and you’re on to a winning day out, by any means.

Organise Internal Processes From Day One

If you want to do well, you can’t leave anything to chance. Rather than saying things like “when we expand a little we’ll have to start thinking about x, y and z”, start thinking about it now. Of course, setting up grand processes in the interim may not be financially viable, but it doesn’t hurt to put strategies in place, albeit on a smaller scale to start with. Ensure standardised expectations across the business, so everyone is clear of their role, and teach employees how to use all tools required in the business from the word ‘go’.

Show Off Who You Really Are

Once you have your business exactly the way you want it, you’ll want to brag about it! Video is the next big thing in marketing, and it’s an awesome way of proving your worth to everyone – from competitors to potential clients. Posh Gecko can produce a corporate video for you without any of the bland and slightly rubbish staleness you might expect. Each video would be fresh and a reflection of the company itself. And the best bit? The video would come out totally share-worthy, so it’ll go down great on your social channels and hopefully bring in a good return.