Will time travel feature in Star Wars: Episode VII?
star wars episode 7 time travel

The new Star Wars is coming out soon and I couldn't be more excited, some have said it may feature time travel but is that really going to happen? Watchshop asked 2000 Sci-Fans about this and other time travel related questions and found some rather interesting results which you can check out below. Be sure to check out the awesome infographic for the coolest movies featuring time travel.

Time travel in Star Wars

47.45% of Sci-Fi fans don't think that time travel should be added into the storyline of Star Wars Episode 7, while 32.1$ said they 'don't know' and 20.45% thought it should be added to the storyline.

Favourite time travel series/film

The all time classic 'Back to the Future' won with 22.25% of the vote, followed by 'Dr Who' at 20.4%.

Favourite form of time travel

Unsurprisingly it's The Tardis (33.65%) from Dr Who, second is the Delorian (29.2%) from Back to the Future, and in third is the Time Turner from the third Harry Potter (10.5%).

Will time travel be possible?

44% of Sci-Fi fans believe that time travel is not possible and won't happen.