Essential technology when travelling
travel tech essential

Portable Wifi

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When it comes to using the internet abroad you're either limited to internet cafes or using expensive services your network offers you. Well not any longer. Services like All Day Internet rent portable WiFi devices that you can carry in your pocket around Spain and connect to up to 5 devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and even gaming consoles. It uses the Spanish 3G network so you won't be paying ridiculous roaming costs when using your smartphone, plus you get the added benefit of accessing the internet on any of your devices you take with you.

Find out more over at and use WEB1FREE for 1GB of data for free.

Battery Cases


Running out of battery when enjoying your holiday can be a real pain if you want to capture those amazing moments with your family or friends. So cases like the Mophie Juicepack come in very handy. They allow you to charge your phone on the go thanks to a built in battery. When you're running low you can simply flick the switch on the back of the case to charge your smartphone.  The Juice Pack Air model offers up to 100% extra battery and comes in a range of colours.

Universal plug adapters

power adapters

Plugs are different all across the world, so you'll want to invest in some universal plug adaters so you aren't stuck with a plug you can't use. If you know the country you're travelling to it's best to buy a few in case you need more than one. They're pretty cheap to so you won't be out of pocket by much.



You'll want a good pair of noise cancelling headphones when on the plane to kill those hours, and we'd suggest the Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Headphones. The noise cancelling is some of the best on the market and you also have three cancelling options depending on what you need: Study, Mass Transit and Office.

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