Flight Simulators in the 21st Century
microsoft flight simulator

One of the most beloved and most well known computer games to become popular before computer games were all that popular was the old Microsoft Flight Simulator. Many people consider this game to have been ahead of its time as far as the realism of the program and the way the game could actually be used to train pilots. Obviously, the realism of the old game had more to do with the attention to detail as far as controls and how they respond to directions. Graphics simply weren’t good enough when this game came out to really look like you were behind the wheel of an airliner and you were streaking through the sky. These days, things have changed a great deal thanks to next generation graphics engines.

A Next Generation Flight Simulator

While video game graphics are only getting more realistic and more popular, Microsoft couldn’t or wouldn’t stay ahead of the curve when it came to their flight simulator. Eventually the company abandoned the program altogether and it seemed like people largely forgot it even existed in the first place. At least it seemed to Microsoft as the world had moved on when it came to feeling as though you were behind the cockpit of an airplane. That seemed especially true when talking about doing nothing other than feeling like you were in the cockpit of an airplane.

Most video games these days have even included being able to fly a plane, but there needed to be more than simply flying from one spot to another and trying to land that plane. Even Grand Theft Autio 5 allows you to fly a plane, but there’s so much more to do than simply fly a plane.

Oddly enough, it seems that once Microsoft announced it had officially abandoned plans to continue updating its flight simulator, there was a bit of an outcry and suddenly people realized just how cool of a concept the program really was. Thankfully, those people who were going to miss this “game” will be able to see it again in 2015. Dovetail Games, the creator of the uber-popular Train Simulator has announced it has basically purchased the rights to the Flight Simulator and will be re-launching the title next year.

The Realism Of Flight Simulators

While the original flight simulators used to have realism when it came to controls and a lack thereof when it came to the actual graphics that simply isn’t the case anymore. There are a number of flight simulators that have attempted to fill the void Microsoft has allowed to form over the last few years and those simulators have also attempted to improve on the genre in general.

In point of fact, it seems these days, the sky is the limit when it comes to realism in these kinds of programs. Some programs, like X-Plane 10 not only allow for fantastic graphics but also have integration with hardware that will not only give you the look of being in a cockpit but controllers that will make you feel as though you truly are working the controls of a plane as it flies across the globe.

Getting these kinds of programs has become more difficult than they used to be, but they are certainly out there if you want to spend the time looking. Traditional electronics stores might not cover some of the more advanced programs, but if you visit an online pilot shop you can find flight simulator tools for both home and professional use.

The attention to detail in some simulators has become stunning. This is no longer a situation where people have to spend a great deal of time outside their home to get the initial training, now they just get to sit at their desk and see how they should take on real world flight situations. As long as there is a market for this kind of program, it appears there will be a company willing to produce them and that’s good news for everyone who want new takes on the old generation and those who simply love the idea of a program like a flight simulator.