Kaspersky Labs giving away awesome prizes in its Global Think Test

Kaspersky Labs giving away awesome prizes in its Global Think Test
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Kaspersky Labs, makers of popular internet security tools, is hosting a special Global Think Test in association with Mensa. You can register over here for the big day that will include awesome prizes including a whopping $25,000. Plus everyone is entitled to a trial version of the new Kaspersky Internet just for taking part. “The Global Think Test is an innovative way to engage with people who are passionate about solving challenges and think in unconventional ways. Mensa is extremely happy to be involved with this project and hope that many of the participants will discover their potential and consider joining the Society, wherever they are in the world,” said Michael Feenan, Executive Director at Mensa International."

The Global Think Test itself is made of of a series of online brain games, puzzles and quizzes that have been created to allow participants to test their combination and calculation skills, must like users need to do in a potentially cyber related dangers. The winner of the challenge will be the person with the highest score in the shortest time. The test will take place on September 6 and the name of the winner will be announced on Steptember 7.

"Being alert and focused can help you win computer games, but can also help you keep cybercriminals at bay. We can avoid so many threats by simply being alert,” said Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “If something is too good to be true, it most probably is. And in most cases there are tell-tale signs that a website is fake. If you’re not distracted by other things and are trained to stay focused, you should be able to spot them."

To get your brain in gear for the big day you can play some of Kaspersky Labs' puzzles, brainteasers, and IQ style tests over on the Global Think Test website.