Keeping track of your Business Data

Keeping track of your Business Data
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So, you have a website. You’ve sorted out your social media channels, your customers and coming in thick and fast, and everything seems to be going well. You assume things are performing well, and you think you’re using data in the best way you possibly can. But how do you know? How are you measuring things? There are numerous solutions out there for helping you manage and make sense of your data a little more. For the larger businesses, it can be a mountain of a task and in actual fact, it would take your employees longer to interpret the data than to actually act on it! That’s where companies like DQ Global can help immensely. They’ll look at all your channels and help you get a much greater sense of what’s going on and will help you integrate data seamlessly. They will look at everything from social media, to email marketing, to customers on traditional mailing lists, historical information and more. This is all highly valuable data that will help to run your business more efficiently. This will free up time for the businesses to actually focus on making use of it and getting better results.

If you’re a smaller business, thankfully, the task shouldn’t be as complex. You can still easily integrate your social data with your CRM and contacts list, should you choose. Using a range of tools readily available to you, you can actually analyse your channels in an improved manner, particularly online. For example, for your social media use, you should be making full use of any and all insights.

Make use of scheduling tools, such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite – it will be far easier to manage all your channels at once ahead of time, so that you can plan accordingly. You can look at the data presented to find out about your engagement, as well as the best times to post and what content works best. This will increase interaction, and hopefully, in turn, return on your investment. But it’s not just data about interaction that will be useful – even things about WHO your customers are can really help.

Bringing all of your company’s data together is a really important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. By equipping everyone from marketing through to sales with the right information, you can really start to make a difference to your business and profits. You can extract any data that is actually meaningful, and stop wasting time on the things that are not.