Understanding your web traffic

Understanding your web traffic and indeed social media engagement is incredibly important, not least because it will help you get a return on your investments in a variety of different areas. By identifying your audience, you are able to better target them and therefore your interaction with them will be more relevant. This in turn leads to sales.

Take social media, for example. You can build up several different networks, using demographic data to determine how you will manage each. It’s often worth remembering that at least 30% of this type of traffic regularly comes from mobile phones, and interestingly, so does 15% of all sales. Of course, this is something to take into account and ensure that your website is actually optimised for this increasing amount of users who will visit from mobile devices – if not, you’ll lose their business. It really is as simple as that.

When it comes to making the best of your traffic to begin with, you’ll need to be posting good, engaging content that is written for people instead of search engines. If you’re dealing with an SEO team that helps you churn out pages of mindless, dull content, quit with them. You want actual people to be interested in your page, and whilst adding content and some expertly placed keywords can certainly help, at the end of the day, you want your audience to be genuinely captivated, at least somewhat.

When it comes to understanding traffic, it can sometimes be frustrating not knowing exactly how effective all your hand work in marketing actually is. That’s why you need reports! You should be analysing your data, seeing what works, what doesn’t and, crucially, doing more stuff that does. You should also find ways to track where your leads are coming from, so you can do more work in areas which are not converting. Calltracks is an excellent website which gives excellent tracking software. If you utilise their technology, you’ll see where your traffic has ultimately come from. By offering a different phone number to each visitor depending on their online origin, you’ll be able to monitor and assess the effectiveness of everything from your search presence to your social strategy. Wherever you make a sale, you can attribute it to a success from web traffic in the relevant key area.

At the end of the day, traffic is important – sales even more so. Make sure that your business can equate the two as being synonymous with one another.