You can now create Vines from camera roll videos

Vine has become hugely popular since its release in January 2013, mostly for comedic Vine's that have turned some people into internet stars. But what's bugged a lot of users is the fact that you have to shoot any footage you want in a Vine in the Vine app itself. Well today for iOS (Android coming soon) that changes as you'll be able to import footage from your camera roll into the app. new-camera-3

Imported videos will of course have to be cut to at the most six seconds, but this addition does mean if you shoot some sweet footage outside of Vine you'll still be able to share it on your Vine. Other new additions include the ability to duplicate clips, mute them and quickly delete your most recent shot. The camera is also getting a bit of an upgrade with an optional grid, a focus lock, a level tool and the ability to use your camera's flash as a torch.

While 3rd party apps have been able to import clips into Vine these additions are bound to increase the number of videos posted to Vine. You can grab the update over on the App Store.