Microsoft's new keyboard is built for iOS and Android tablets
microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard ios android

Microsoft has announced a new Universal Mobile Keyboard that works with not only Windows tablets, but iOS and Android tablets. On the bottom of the device is a switch that allows users to switch between which type of OS they're using. While Microsoft isn't shy of supporting other platforms, this keyboard takes a step further as the company has included an Android home key and a cmd key which is found on Apple keyboards. Interestingly they haven't chosen to put a Windows logo on the keyboard.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard features a rechargeable battery that's integrated into the keyboard, the company says it will last for six months of usage on a single charge. 10 minutes of charging will give the keyboard a full day's usage, plus the removable stand is also used as a protective cover. The Universal Mobile Keyboard will release in October for $79.95 in the US.