Sponsored Video: Here's what David really saw after the dentist

Sponsored Video: Here's what David really saw after the dentist
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Most of you will likely remember 'David after the dentist' on YouTube, the video became a massive viral hit (126,324,333 YouTube views as of this post) because of David's hilarious and rather wacky reaction after he'd been to the dentist with his father. But have you ever wondered what David really saw during his little trip? In the below video from Bosch we finally get to see why he reacted the way he did!

The video from Bosch comes along with the launch of the new Aerotwin Plus Windscreen Wipers which has a new clever adapter system that combines 15 wiper length and 4 adapters. Each of the wiper blades fit 10 different wiper arms, that's 6 more than with the existing Multi-Clip. It has fast coverage for new vehicle models with an even quicker and easier wiper replacement system. They're super easy to setup in just 3 easy steps:

1. Make a selection from the 4 adapters

2. Clip onto your wiper blades

3. Assemble wiper blade and you're ready to go. (Watch the instruction video)

The Bosch Aerotwin Plus Wipers maximise wiping quality, last longer and are less noisy than regular wiper blades. The two spring-loaded rails distribute the contact pressure evenly over the entire length of the wiper blades making a much better wipe every single time. This makes driving safer when in wet conditions.

You can find more information on the Bosch Aerotwin Plus Website or over on Twitter and Facebook.

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