How Lego built a Technic version of a Volvo Wheel Loader

In this video we go behind the scenes of how Lego and Volvo Construction Equipment made a remote-controlled and super detailed Lego Technic model of Volvo's largest high tech wheel loader, the L350F. The video which you can watch below follows Niels Henrik Horsted, head of marketing and design manager Jeppe Jull Jensen as they do research at Volvo's factory for the model and operate a L350F themselves. The Lego Technic Volvo L350F wheel loader is made from over 1,600 pieces and features the largest individual element ever created by the company. It can lift more than 1kg in its bucket and drive over various terrains just like the real thing.


“We tried to make it as realistic as possible, so it drives, steers and lifts the load just like the real thing,” says Jensen. “You can also remove the oil filters, the radiator-door swings out, pistons move and the engine is painted green, just like in the real thing.”


The fully remote control Volvo model LEGO 42030 is available right now at LEGO Shop and all participating retailers. For more on the real L350F wheel loader head over to Volve's website.

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