Why is StopTober causing such a stir amongst smokers?

Why is StopTober causing such a stir amongst smokers?

If you smoke tobacco cigarettes it is highly likely that you will have come across the UK NHS sponsored StopTober campaign. This campaign has grown spectacularly in popularity over the last couple of years with 160,000 people reducing their tobacco smoking habits in 2013 and a phenomenal 250,000+ already signed up for 2014. The campaign runs throughout the month of October but why is it causing such a stir amongst tobacco cigarette smokers?

Talking with a smoking community

Statistics show that many people have tried and failed to reduce or even eliminate their tobacco cigarette habit for a variety of reasons such as stresses of life, addiction and perhaps more telling, a lack of people to talk to about their struggles. This is perhaps where StopTober comes into its own, the ability to join the campaign online and speak to like-minded individuals who have been there, done it and are perhaps still experiencing the same difficulties as them. There is also a new element to the StopTober campaign with an array of electronic cigarette companies announcing offers and promotions to complement the campaign. When you consider that upwards of 160,000 people reduced their tobacco smoking habits last year with expectations in excess of 250,000 people will do the same in 2014, any viable alternatives are catching the attention of smokers.

Are electronic cigarettes a useful substitute?

If you ask many smokers they will highlight the social aspect of smoking and the actual practical actions associated with this. In many cases it is this particular action which they crave when in social circles so electronic cigarettes which look and feel like tobacco cigarettes, without the 4000+ toxins, have been welcomed with open arms. Such is the growth in electronic cigarette sales that new regulations to protect customers and guarantee high quality products will be confirmed by US and European regulators over the next few months. This is a market which is worth in excess of $2 billion per annum in the US with the European market not too far behind. Even the most ardent of electronic cigarette critics recognise that they are at worst less harmful than their tobacco counterparts with some medical professionals suggesting they could you to 90% less harmful. While trials and research continue into the long-term use of electronic cigarettes there is no indication to date of any serious long-term medical implications.


The UK NHS sponsored StopTober campaign is certainly gaining traction, catching the eye of many tobacco smokers and also proving very successful for the electronic cigarette industry. When you bear in mind the health implications, economic implications and practical implications of long-term tobacco cigarette use, for many people StopTober is a godsend. It is also worth noting that this particular campaign has now been replicated in New Zealand and the Netherlands with other countries also watching its growing success. There have been smoking cessation services around for many years although it seems a good old-fashioned chat with somebody who has been there, done it and bought the T-shirt is the best way for tobacco cigarette smokers to reduce their intake.

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