A beginner’s guide to broadband

With advancement in technology and improvement in the speed of broadband, it’s becoming increasingly more common for people to work from homes or run their business from home offices. Broadband is considered an important utility alongside electricity, gas and water. When considering a new property, a fast broadband connection is given high priority by home buyers and can even increase a property’s value. So what exactly is broadband and how do we get the best broadband deals? What is broadband?

In contrast to the slow ‘dial-up’ method, broadband is a faster method of connecting your computer to the internet. There are several ways you can gain broadband internet connection, including digital subscriber line (DSL), broadband mobile, wireless internet, cable and fibre optics.

Getting the best broadband deals

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When choosing a broadband internet service provider, you need to consider your needs and budget, the speed of the broadband connection, price and service.

Internet service providers offer different packages to match your needs and budget, from capped broadband allowance to unlimited plans. You won’t want to pay for traffic that you’ll never use. The key is to determine how much data you might need a month and how you surf. In general, 40 hours of website surfing consumes about 0.3 GB while downloading an entire film consumes about 2.1 GB.

With a capped broadband package, you can top-up by buying additional data. An unlimited broadband package gives you peace of mind without worrying about how much data you’re using. It is also an ideal choice if you have a big household, watch catch-up TV services, stream films on Netflix or download video games.

Whether you’re using your broadband for running a home business or for leisure, broadband speed is an important factor. Know the speed you need. For example, you need something fast if you want to stream films or music. According to Ofcom research, internet connections in cable broadband homes are faster on average than those using fibre.

The prices of packages are based on the speed of broadband connection or amount of data you download. Broadband is usually bundled with your phone line rental, satellite or cable TV package. Compare the prices and after-sales service of different internet service providers. There is usually a one-off installation fee followed by a monthly charge. Make sure you read the small print before you sign up to a package.

Understand the performance of different broadband technologies and consider your needs and budget will help you make more informed decision when purchasing a broadband package.