Sponsored Video: Monaco has a special role in the world

Sponsored Video: Monaco has a special role in the world

The 2020 Europe Strategy report is a commitment to develop and promote the tradition of excellence in European culture. Monaco is just one of the places where this will be fulfilled. So you may think of Monaco as a place full of the super rich, and while these things do indeed exist, there's actually a lot more to do and see in Monaco than you think. It's becoming more and more known for its growing commerce, technology, arts and culture community, as well as business.

Officially Monaco is known as the 'Principality of Monaco' and hosts some truly amazing events including live musical performances at Salle des Etoiles, as well as classical and contemporary art, music, dance and theatre at the Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo which have been at the best international stages for nearly 30 years. Of course if you do want to experience the more glamorous side of the country you can watch the exciting Monaco Grand Prix or even the famous Manaco Yacht Show which displays some of the best looking boats you'll ever see.


The small sovereign state is location on the beautiful French Riviera in Western Europe. It features a gorgeous warm-summer Mediterranean climate, breath-taking scenery and is made up of 120 nationalities; fantastic for those who want to get to know various cultures. In Monaco you're bound to be welcomed with open arms and find exactly what you can to do.

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