The most annoying office habits [Infographic]

The most annoying office habits [Infographic]

So, you work in an office. Ever felt like it’s a bit of a prison? Your colleagues are winding you up, maybe they’re actually kind of disgusting (who clips their nails at their desk…?!) and to be honest, whilst you like your job, you can’t wait to leave at the end of the day. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Paperstone, the office supplies company, know a thing or two about this after they surveyed the UK’s most annoying office habits. The results were pretty interesting – not to mention funny – and show the differences between men and women as well as age and location of the respondents.

Some of us just get on with things, and aren’t annoyed by much at all. Others struggle to contain their stress when faced with loud or irritating habits that we’d otherwise not have to confront. However, the fact remains that we spend such a large percentage of the week in the office, so we really just have to make do! The most annoying office habit overall seemed to be leaving food in the fridge for ages, whilst the least seemed to be loud typing. We bet there are a few people willing to argue that one until they’re blue in the face, though!

Check it out – are you surprised with the results? What’s your biggest pet peeve in the office? There are probably loads more they could have included, and it’s so hard to just pick out a few!